Kurspahić Miran 
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Bralne uprizoritve:SIMONA SEMENIČ: 24 ur (nominiran tekst za Grumovo nagrado 2010)
JAZNEZ JANŠA: Slovensko narodno gledališče (nominiran tekst za Grumovo nagrado 2010)
  I was born on 30th of August 1979. in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Here I grew up, went to kindergarden and elementary school. In 1995. I’ve moved with my mother to Milan in Italy, and there I was enrolled to “Sir James Henderson British school of Milan”, where I attended for two years. At the end of 1996. I returned to Zagreb, and there I’ve finished my high school education in the “IB” (international baccalaureate) international school. After the high school I went to study the law at Zagreb University, but after figuring out that the “law” just wasn’t for me, in 2001. I passed the exams at the Zagreb Drama Academy and I was enrolled to theatre directing department, where I’m trying to graduate for some time now.

My interest in theatre didn’t start just over night. Ever since the elementary school I had been either member or organizer of various drama group and ensembles, both in and off the school. My engagement had mostly been in the acting department, but at the end of my high school I’ve started to show interest in directing, so I’ve gathered a group of enthusiasts to form “Neprofitabilni Amateri” (“Unprofitable Amateurs”) to conduct various plays and such events. Since then I have been engaged in different productions as a director and as an actor in theatre and on television, but also working with the various theatre groups when my time and schedule permitted. In 2006. Didier Juliard, the selector of “Premieres” festival in Strasbourg, after he saw our Zagreb performance of “Offending the audience”, had invited us to participate in the festival, but with rearranged material and three French actors. The production in Strasbourg received a great appraisal both from the audience and the press. Since 2006. I’ve been directing and acting in several productions of “&TD.” theatre. In the summer of 2007. I’ve arranged and directed a multimedia seven day performance with Tom Gotovac (a renowned Croatian performer and film director), which included mass media such as newspapers, internet, radio and TV. The opening was during the performance of “Dundo Maroje” (very famous piece from the Croatian author Marin Držić, who is compared to William Shakespeare) in Croatian National Theatre, where we interrupted the play with loud arguing, and then fought with our gloves, until we were thrown out of the theatre. Everything was filmed and we gave the materials to the media and press, and then we started a public debate about that. The grand finale was a Sumo wrestling match in front of Croatian National theatre. I’ve also done an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” entitled – “Coriolanus – Pillar of society”. It’s a multimedia performance that includes excerpts from Ibsen’s “Pillar of society” and a lot of rearranged movie quotes from “Rambo – first blood”, “Patton”, “Full metal jacket”, Wall street” etc., and it thematizes the problem of Croatian war heroes, Generals involved in war crimes and post-war malversations, that were never confronted. The play was also included in “Eurokaz 2008.” Festival.

At the beginning of 2009. together with my colegue and dramaturge Rona Žulj I’ve written a satirical piece called “Empire of happiness” and directed it in &TD. Theatre. In this project I’ve strived for critique of “New Empire” (America), using the means of strong, almost senseless affirmation. Themes like theory of renewable energy sources of fossil fuels, GMO engineering, tying of the oil prices with American dollar, the rise of the “new (black) face” of the Empire- the magician who will save the day, are packed in joyful songs, and the whole play takes seemingly harmless form of Sunday children TV shows. Although inspired by modus of educational children shows that terrorist organizations like Hamas use for indoctrination and propaganda. And the show was definitely not intended for children. The play afterwards won the award as the best performance at the “Gumbek” festival in Zagreb. This season I have two premiers in Zagreb. First is “the Mission” (der Auftrag) from Heiner Müller, which I’ve done as a complex interactive performance, that is dealing with the questions of failed revolution and the inertion of masses. And the second one is the “Geography victims 2 – the return of the victim” written by me and Rona Žulj, that is dealing with the problems of micro politics and politics of art, private mechanisms of doing and reflection of these mechanisms in one’s artistic actions, creation of private, author’s and stage identities, presentation of an identity before the other and by the other, questions of belonging and a will to come out, to present. The play is going to be performed at the “Connection” festival in November 2009.

Here is the list of the plays I did since my high school graduation:

Productions on the Academy:
2003. - S. Mrožek "The Police" ; ADU production
2004. - A. Strindberg "Miss Julie" ; ADU production
2005. - M. Krleža-N. Kazantzakis "Legend-Visions“; ADU production + "Exit" studio actors
2006. - P. Handke "Offending the audience“; ADU production

Productions outside the Academy:
2000. - M. Kurspahić-V. Vascarac "Vi'š vraga - vodič kroz pakao" ; theatre group "Neprofitabilni Amateri", had won the award on SKAZ festival
2001. - M. Kurspahić-L. Rukavina "Kiki ili posao u hrvata" ; also theatre group "Neprofitabilni Amateri"
2003. - V. Obad "Kako je Djed Mraz izgubio sanjke“; a play for children
2003. - F. Kafka "Kafka3" ; co-directed with college Borna Baletić in the production of theatre group "Institucija"
2006. - P.Handke «Outrage ou public» -TNS, production of Festival «Premiéres» in Strasbourg
2007. - R.Foreman/M.Kurspahić «Now that communism is dead, my life feels empty», theatre «Move» in co production with SC «Kultura promjene» and «Velesajm kulture», in student dining hall of SC
2007. – M.Kurspahić „Sumo Sumarum“; Multimedia seven day performance with Tom Gotovac
2007. Rona Žulj „Ficus is a Fig“; production of ADU in co production with SC «Kultura promjene» and «Velesajam kulture»
2008. W.Shakespeare & Co. „Coriolanus – Pillar of society“; production of &TD. theatre
2009. Kurspahić&Žulj “Empire of happiness”; production of &TD. theatre
2009. H.Müller “The Mission”; production of &TD. Theatre
2009. Kurspahić&Žulj “Geography victims 2 – the Return of the victim”; production of &TD. theatre

Assisted with other directors:
2002. - V. Kljaković “Testament”; I was assistant director to Zoran Mužić in Gavella theatre
2004. - A. Šenoa “Ljubica”; I was assistant director to Georgij Paro, in “Histrioni” theatre

Performed as actor in theatre:
2004. - A. Šenoa “Ljubica”, directed by Georgij Paro
2006. - P. Handke “Offending the audience”
2006. - J. Lacoste “Block”, directed by Ivica Buljan
2007. - R. Foreman “Now that communism is dead, my life feels empty”
2007. – M. Kurspahić “Sumo Sumarum”
2007. – R.Žulj “Fikus je Smokva”
2008. – W. Shakespeare &Co. “Coriolanus – Pillar of society”
2009. – Kurspahić&Žulj “Empire of happiness”
2009. H.Müller “The Mission”
2009. Kurspahić&Žulj “Geography victims 2 – the Return of the victim”

1. The Show Must Go On (2009/II) .... Leo Radelja ... aka 101. dan (Croatia)
2. Penelopa (2009) .... Prosac #12 ... aka Penelope (International: English title)
3. "Zakon ljubavi" .... Rene Tomas / ... (4 episodes, 2008)
- Episode #1.46 (2008) TV episode .... Rene Tomas
- Episode #1.45 (2008) TV episode .... Rene Tomas
- Episode #1.44 (2008) TV episode .... Rene Tomas
- Episode #1.43 (2008) TV episode .... Rene
4. "Ponos Ratkajevih" .... Zandar (3 episodes, 2008)
- Episode #1.153 (2008) TV episode .... Zandar
- Episode #1.144 (2008) TV episode .... Zandar
- Episode #1.107 (2008) TV episode .... Zandar
5. "Dobre namjere" .... Inspektor (3 episodes, 2007-2008)
- Episode #1.19 (2008) TV episode .... Inspektor
- Episode #1.17 (2008) TV episode .... Inspektor
- Episode #1.3 (2007) TV episode .... Inspektor

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